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Postage Instructions - IMPORTANT


Money can be sent through Royal Mail if simple guidelines are followed.

No one parcel should weigh more than 20kgs, anything more than this weight should be sent as one consignment and multiple parcels.

Royal Mail will only insure values up to £2500 – anything exceeding this amount needs to be sent as multiple consignments.

It is the responsibility of the sender to determine whether their goods warrant the extra cost of sending by Special Delivery, which gives insurance options (formerly called Registered Post). Should this be chosen the sender must estimate the insurance and be responsible for any claim for its loss. No compensation will be paid by us for items that have failed to arrive.

Coins are best described on Royal Mail documents as ‘Numismatic Items’. This is actually the most accurate description of the package contents and we feel it will make it safer in transit than simply describing it as ‘Money’.

All coins must be firmly packaged in a box with tight packaging materials so that the contents do not ‘rattle’ and sound like money. Banknotes should be placed between two pieces of card to help disguise their size and feel.

Any postal charges that are looking likely to exceed £150 may qualify for our alternative specialist couriers. This can also apply to higher value consignments.

For security reasons do not use the name ‘Coin’ in the title. Therefore all correspondence and deliveries should be made to:

Easy Group
PO Box 89
GL11 9AH
United Kingdom

Please note, some courier services other than Royal Mail will not deliver to PO Box addresses and therefore it is our strong recommendation that the Royal Mail is used.

If any of the above is not fully understood or you do not possess the correct packaging materials, please contact us on 0844 858 4671.