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Currency Exchange For Coins & Obscure Banknotes

It has always been our policy to be the best and most resourceful handlers of foreign currency coin and obscure banknotes.

We will consider buying or selling this material in any shape or form, old or new, mixed or sorted. Additionally some obsolete pre Euro currencies, such as Deutsche Marks and Spanish Pesetas are still redeemable through us.

Every country updates coins and banknotes in circulation from time to time. Older series items are then usually withdrawn from use, but in many cases can still be specially redeemed by us in the country of origin.

Very importantly we have long standing specialist experience and knowledge of older or collectable items allowing us to often pay way in excess of the face value for such items.

Often coins and obscure banknotes are not readily exchangeable elsewhere. We will exchange them at very competitive exchange rates and without commission.

Our sophisticated coin sorting and counting machines are extremely flexible and can be programmed for any job. They are recognised as the best and most efficient in the world.